Do you believe in Karma. I do. Do you believe that what you give out, comes back to you. I do.

Why is there so much jealousy in the world? Do these people honestly believe that if they hate on people so much, if they are so malicious towards others, that they will get all that they desire?

Help me to understand the minds of those who are malicious, rude, ignorant and jealous. I cannot comprehend. If you have more than I have, I am happy for you. If you have nice things, I am happy for you. If you got a new job, promotion, new car, bigger house, better body, nice hair, nice clothes… I am happy for you…

It makes me happy to see others happy. Heck I will even try to help you get the things that I have, that I have worked my butt off for. I will try to help you.. I will take the time out of my life to help you achieve your goals, at the expense of mine.

Yet, despite all that I have done and continue to do, for others and myself. Here I am ..writing the blog on Karma. Why you ask?? Because I am tired of being taken advantage of, blamed for everything that is wrong with others, even accused of being wrong myself. I am not perfect, never claimed to be. I do know this though, I am a good person and do not wish any ill will on anyone.. but I am tired of things being done to me.. tired of the hoops I have to jump through.. Tired of the walls I have to climb, the endless calls I have to make.. the emails I have to write, the disputes I have to file.. I am tired…

That said,… I wish everyone who does good and bad or does nothing .. to simply have the days the deserve.. I am at peace with that, as I know what I have and continue to do.. can you say you are at peace with getting what you deserve or back what you have done in return?

Published by annarella3

42 year old single mom of two beautiful girls and a furboy named Gizmo-They are my why🥰. Italian who loves to write, laugh, love, cook and eat #moladibari #puglia #sarcastic Administrative assistant by day and writer, chef, blogger, TikTok, insta, Twitter and you tube poster by day and night. Hopeless romantic, self proclaimed dancing queen, car karaoke 🎤 star and positively -perfectly imperfect hot mess. No nonsense, unfiltered and sweet as pie- give you the shoes off my feet (and I am obsessed with shoes) unless you cross me or my family and the mamma bear, Italian temper, demoralize you with words and a smile on my face. - boss bitch - comes out to play #blessed God is everything! 🙏🏽faith, spirituality and love - can and will save the world - one smile at a time #thankful #grateful

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