Set me Free

I can never be what you need me to be, I can’t be that person, I need to be me

You deserve so much more and I do as well, please set me free; why continue to live in this hell

You and I aren’t meant, it’s apparent, it’s truth- please move on, find your purpose- find you

I need a love that is real that is shared, if it’s not 50/50 then you never cared

One who hears what I say, when I say nothing at all, one who understands my pain and answers my call

I don’t expect anything I’m not willing to give in return, it’s that you don’t understand, you don’t want to – you’re too stubborn to stern

Please let me be me and you should be you, find someone that loves you, what you require, you’re due

I deserve same and I won’t stop until I find, a love that is caring, reciprocal and kind

I crave adventure, stability and change, you aren’t able to see past your pains

It’s not my fault you’ve suffered, you’re broken- I’m broken too, you can’t fix me when your focus should be you

I hope you can see that it takes more than just love, it’s actions not words – and all that is written above

My love for you was real, despite all that you did, I saw in you what you could be, what you didn’t show others, what you hid

Goodbye are the words that I have said to you, it’s time to move on; we both deserve love, meant for us and it’s not me and not you.

Published by annarella3

42 year old single mom of two beautiful girls and a furboy named Gizmo-They are my why🥰. Italian who loves to write, laugh, love, cook and eat #moladibari #puglia #sarcastic Administrative assistant by day and writer, chef, blogger, TikTok, insta, Twitter and you tube poster by day and night. Hopeless romantic, self proclaimed dancing queen, car karaoke 🎤 star and positively -perfectly imperfect hot mess. No nonsense, unfiltered and sweet as pie- give you the shoes off my feet (and I am obsessed with shoes) unless you cross me or my family and the mamma bear, Italian temper, demoralize you with words and a smile on my face. - boss bitch - comes out to play #blessed God is everything! 🙏🏽faith, spirituality and love - can and will save the world - one smile at a time #thankful #grateful

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