Acceptance and submission

I have accepted the fact that the harder I fight, the louder I scream – the more nothing gets done.

Guess it’s time for me to completely let go and trust and have faith that all that is supposed to be.. will be…. here goes nothing..

I’m trying something new, something I’m not comfortable with.. they say.. if you expect a different outcome, you have to do different things…

Here goes.. I’m going to stop expecting the court systems and appointed guardians etc., to help me and my children.

I’m going to stop expecting my attorney to keep me informed, to review and pay attention to all the details- I’ve had to continually point out.. among other things…

I’m going to stop applying for jobs, calling unemployment for my benefits- I have not received.. stop paying bills and $647/month for cobra -because I have no money, no compensation or stimulus to pay them or anyone …

I’m going to stop sharing how corruption/ corrupt exes / human beings get farther in life, because they lie, cheat, steal to get whatever they want or to win… because being a good person and following the rules and telling the truth gets you no where in life…

I’m going to start expecting everything from everyone – without doing nothing in return…

I’m going to start sitting on my ass and doing nothing.. because that seems to work for most people…

I’m going to start not giving a frick – because the opposite has gotten me nowhere…

I’m going to just be the exact opposite of everything that I am… because apparently everything that I do, say, don’t do or don’t say or have done up to this point in time – is wrong,

I’m done – if you’re looking for me… I’ll just be existing… apparently that’s the right way to be.. just blah… a sheep… lead me to my slaughter

God- my life and the lives and mental health and well being is in your hands, I’m letting go, taking the plunge .. the leap of faith…

Thanks be to God, Amen🙏🏽

Amen and thank you for making all of my dreams, my children’s dreams a reality

Published by annarella3

42 year old single mom of two beautiful girls and a furboy named Gizmo-They are my why🥰. Italian who loves to write, laugh, love, cook and eat #moladibari #puglia #sarcastic Administrative assistant by day and writer, chef, blogger, TikTok, insta, Twitter and you tube poster by day and night. Hopeless romantic, self proclaimed dancing queen, car karaoke 🎤 star and positively -perfectly imperfect hot mess. No nonsense, unfiltered and sweet as pie- give you the shoes off my feet (and I am obsessed with shoes) unless you cross me or my family and the mamma bear, Italian temper, demoralize you with words and a smile on my face. - boss bitch - comes out to play #blessed God is everything! 🙏🏽faith, spirituality and love - can and will save the world - one smile at a time #thankful #grateful

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