We’re all meant to do great things

An opportunity comes whenever the phone rings

Don’t waste your time thinking, what if or why me

Trust the process and trust yourself, you’re journey may be tough, but it’s what’s meant to be

There is a purpose in all things, even those you can’t see

You’re strong and your kind and your intentions are pure

Don’t worry about people, or things that make you unsure

You’re light will shine bright, your colors will bleed through

For all who support or even doubt you

You’re one of a kind, you’re a leader, your light remains lit

Always remember, life is only as good, as you make it

Published by annarella3

42 year old single mom of two beautiful girls and a furboy named Gizmo-They are my why🥰. Italian who loves to write, laugh, love, cook and eat #moladibari #puglia #sarcastic Administrative assistant by day and writer, chef, blogger, TikTok, insta, Twitter and you tube poster by day and night. Hopeless romantic, self proclaimed dancing queen, car karaoke 🎤 star and positively -perfectly imperfect hot mess. No nonsense, unfiltered and sweet as pie- give you the shoes off my feet (and I am obsessed with shoes) unless you cross me or my family and the mamma bear, Italian temper, demoralize you with words and a smile on my face. - boss bitch - comes out to play #blessed God is everything! 🙏🏽faith, spirituality and love - can and will save the world - one smile at a time #thankful #grateful

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